In manga, which is drawn in black and white, tone is important for coloring.
By applying tones that match the situation, it becomes easier to convey the character’s emotions and atmosphere to the reader.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use Mediban Paint’s tone materials to match the joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness of the characters.

Table of Contents


Tones that can express joy (happy, glad, etc.)



Tones that can express anger (rage, frustration, agitation, etc.)



Tones that can express sorrow (sadness, loneliness, pain, bewilderment, etc.)

You can shave off the tone by applying the tone once and then painting white or transparent color.
You can also use a dot brush, kakey brush, or airbrush for a more natural look.



Tones that can express ease (fun, amusement, crush, etc.)

It is also recommended to use tones such as flowers and stars only on part of the motif as an accent, rather than the whole background.


What did you think?

When you want to convey the emotions of a character more, or when you are not sure about the background of a panel, just a little bit of tone can greatly improve the quality of your manga.

Let’s make use of tone in a positive way.