I want to make a social networking stamp or icon with my own loose character! I’m sure you’ve been thinking about it.
In this article, we’ll show you how to draw cute yuru-characters and yuru-illustrations!
It is recommended for beginners who have never drawn before, or for those who are not good at drawing, so please take a look.

1) Tips for drawing characters

The motif you draw can be a person, an animal, stationery, a cup, or anything else.
A cat can have pointed ears and whiskers, a rabbit can have long round ears, etc. Anything can look like a character as long as it has a shape that captures its characteristics and has eyes and a mouth.
Let’s make all kinds of things into yuru-chara!


The trick to drawing a loose, cute face is to draw a large outline and small parts of the face.
You can also draw the eyes, nose, and mouth close together, almost side by side, to make it cuter.

For a simple illustration like a loose-fitting character, the overall balance is stabilized only by the balance of the face parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth.
The eyes should be aligned in shape and height on both sides, and the nose and mouth should be drawn in the middle of the eyes for a balanced look.

If you want to draw a face facing away from the front, you can change the position of the face without changing the outline.


2) How to draw a line drawing

If you are looking for a way to draw a character, you need to know how to do it.

If you try to draw all at once, the lines will be distorted, and if you divide the drawing into several parts, the lines will not be connected and will look messy.
If you find that the lines don’t connect and become messy if you divide the drawing into several parts, I recommend drawing without connecting the lines.

Leaving gaps makes it easier to draw clean lines, and also gives a nice loose feeling of relaxedness.
Don’t draw in the person’s hair, but simply draw the flow of the hair with a gland.

Try using a pencil or crayon as well as a pen brush to find the right brush for the mood you want to create!


3) How to apply color

You can use solid colors alone, but just adding highlights will change the look of the illustration.
Don’t worry too much about the direction of the light, just add highlights wherever you think of them!

Painting only the cheeks or tracing only the inside of the line drawing is also simple and cute.
Let’s find out how you like to paint!

4) Summary

What do you think of this introduction on how to draw loose characters?
Once you learn the tips and get used to drawing them, you will be able to draw characters as easily as if you were drawing doodles.
Let’s find our own “cute” way to draw various yuru-characters!

(Text and pictures by mozukuni)