The eyes are one of the most important parts of a character’s face.
By changing the shape, angle, and size of the eyes, you can draw eyes with characteristics that match the image of the character.
In this article, I’ll show you some tips on how to draw eyes of various shapes!

Normal eyes

When drawing women’s eyes, imagine a round shape and draw the eyes large.
The upper eyelashes should be drawn thickly and a double line should be drawn to make the eyes look full and pretty.
You can also draw eyelashes to express femininity.

If you don’t draw your eyelashes, your eyes will look uncosmetic, pure, and childish.
On the other hand, if you increase the amount of eyelashes, the eyes will look like they have been made up.
Men’s eyes are drawn horizontally with a narrower length and width.
The pupils are smaller than those of women, and drawing the double line parallel to the eyes with a narrow width gives the eyes a dignified look.
Also, by drawing the eyebrows and eyes narrowly, you can create a masculine impression.

Hanging eyes

Hanging eyes are drawn with the outer corner of the eye down and the outer corner of the eye up.
The lower the eyelid, the more the pupil is hidden, and the smaller the area of the pupil that can be seen compared to a normal eye.

The lower eyelid should be raised almost parallel to the upper eyelid to create a sharper fox-like hang.

Droopy eyes

For droopy eyes, draw the top of the eye up and the bottom of the eye down.
It’s hard to tell the difference between droopy eyes and normal eyes when the outer corner of the eye is slightly lowered, so to give the impression of droopy eyes, lower the outer corner of the eye significantly or lower the lower eyelid as well.
If you make the width of the double layer too wide, the eyes will look too full even though they are droopy, so narrow the width or draw it so that it covers the upper eyelid.

Zito eyes

For zit eyes, draw the eyelids parallel to each other.
It is an eye that looks as if the eyelid is halfway down, so that the pupil is hidden by the eyelid, making the pupil look like a semicircle.
The wider the width of the double layer, the heavier the eyelid will look.


Eyes with small pupils and wide whites on the left, right and bottom are called tritanopia.
It can be drawn in any of the ways described above: normal eyes, hanging eyes, droopy eyes, and jittery eyes.
If the whites of the eyes are wide, it is called the fourth whites of the eyes.

What did you think?
You can express the character’s personality and impression precisely by the way you draw the eyes.
Let’s learn how to draw eyes in various patterns so that we can draw different characters!

(Text and pictures by mozukuni)