Let’s try to draw a new character, making full use of the points for drawing men and women that we have introduced so far.

I’ll show you a completed illustration first.
Based on it, I’ll review each point and explain the concept.

People of different genders and ages.
This is an illustration of a family of four: father, daughter, son, and mother.

(1) Devices for the body
(2) Creativity of the face
(3) Attention to detail

Let’s roughly divide it into the above three sections.

(1) Devices of the body

Look at the difference in poses between the main father and daughter.

The father has his arms and legs outstretched, while the daughter has them pulled inward, just the opposite.
This is The elements explained in Part 6, “Poses and Gestures” are incorporated.

A man’s strength is directed outward and a woman’s is directed inward. This is what I mean.

Next, let’s compare the elements related to the impression of the overall shape and silhouette.

You can see that the father is crisp and straight, while the daughter is composed of curves.
This is Part 4 “Body Silhouette” explained.
It’s difficult to get a feel for it, so please review the article.

(2) Facial Devices

Pay attention to the heads of the father and daughter.
Part 1 “Parts of the Face” ~ Part 2 “Facial contours” are utilized.

Father’s face is rich in detail, applying the “male” and “adult” elements

The daughter’s face is simple and combines elements of “woman” and “child”.

Also note that when you draw a man and a woman, or an adult and a child in the same position like this, the size of the head is almost the same.

(3) Attention to detail

Besides, to create the fact that the scene in this illustration is a holiday and the characters are a family, care should be taken in the character design.
I made them wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes, and their hairstyles and hair colors have a commonality.

Even for a single black and white picture like this, if you imagine the setting and story properly before you start drawing, it will keep you motivated to finish.

Thank you for your hard work.
This is the end of the seven-part series on “How to draw men and women.

To the end…
In order to improve the perfection of your painting, you need to
In order to improve the quality of your drawing, you need to be calm and remember the points you need to be aware of each time.

Please be careful!
When you are a beginner or intermediate painter, the more you become accustomed to drawing, the more carelessly you start drawing, and the more you end up losing your confidence and motivation.
Such are the pitfalls… (My experience)

When things don’t go well, please try reading this series again.
I hope this will help you enjoy your drawing life.

Thank you for reading to the end!

(Text and pictures by Aminoyama)