In this post I’d like to talk about animated paint!
I believe that anime painting can be expressed by simplifying shadows and highlights.
So I think it’s good to paint with one shadow that is a little darker than the base color and one highlight that is a little lighter than the base color.

1. Paint the base color

The first step is to apply the base color to the drawn line drawing.

2. Think about where the light source is

The next step is to figure out where the light is coming from.
In this case, the light is coming from the front for clarity.

3. Think about where the shadow is going to fall

The next step is to think about where the shadow might fall.
The shadow will fall on the wrinkles of the clothes and the objects behind the clothes.

4. Add highlights

Next is highlighting.
The highlighter is applied to the top of the nose and other protruding parts of the face where the light will make it shine.
The next step is to add highlights.

In this article, I’ve explained animation painting!

The point is, keep it simple!
The point is to keep it simple! Keep the light source in mind and think about where the shadows and highlights will be!

(Text and pictures by Shigehiro)