When drawing the whole body, are you suddenly drawing the body?

The trick to drawing the whole body well is to make a rough sketch first.

However, even if you make a rough sketch, the human body has a complex structure with joints, bones, and muscles.

In this article, let’s try to understand the structure of the human body and see how to draw the Atari.

How to draw a full body Atari

The structure of the human body

First, let’s look at the skeleton of the human body.

When drawing the Atari, it will be easier to draw if you keep the following three areas in mind.

1. Head and spinal cord (spine)
2. Chest and pelvis
3. Limbs

Now let’s take a look at each part.

Point 1: Head and spinal cord

Let’s take a look at the head and spinal cord, which are the most important parts of the human body.

The spinal cord extends from the skull in an S-shape when viewed from the side.

When drawing the whole body, it is easier to position the chest and torso if you keep this part of the spine in mind.


Point 2: Chest and pelvis

Next is the chest and pelvis.

The ribs, which protect the heart, and the pelvis, which supports the internal organs, are attached to the spinal cord.

The ribs and pelvis are about the same width in men, and in women the pelvis is larger than the chest.

In Atari, the key is to draw the chest in an oval shape like an egg and the pelvis in a heart shape.


Point 3: Limbs

Finally, let’s look at the arms and legs.

The arms do not come directly out of the chest, but are connected to the collarbone and shoulder blades.

In the Atari, it is easier to flesh out the shoulder blades by drawing them like the shoulder pads of armor, as shown in the figure.

Next, let’s look at the legs.

Similarly in the legs, the base of the femur is attached to the pelvis.

The base of the femur is slightly spherical so that the joint with the pelvis can be easily moved.

If you draw with the base of the femur in mind, it will be easier to pose the figure.

Based on the above, you can draw the Atari of the whole body as shown in the following figure.

Various ways to get a bite

The way of drawing Atari shown above is just one example.

Some Atari draw the spine and limbs as lines like sticks, while others flesh them out like posed dolls and draw the joints as spheres.

Another way to draw a character is to start with a simple bite and gradually flesh it out.

Different people have different ways of getting the bite.

However, if you don’t have an understanding of the structure of the human body, you will end up with a strange feeling no matter what kind of Atari you draw.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the composition of the human body and try to draw a full-body Atari?

This is how to draw a full-body Atari, taking into account the structure of the human body.

(Text and pictures by Setsu Yoshida)