In this article, we will show you on how to paint your character’s hair.

1) Primer

The first step is to apply a primer to the line drawing.
Add a layer under the line drawing.

Name the layer “Primer”.

You will use bucket tool to paint the hair.

Once you have selected the bucket tool, tap or click on the hair to paint it.
Although you use the bucket tool, you may have unpainted areas.
You can use the bucket’s “Extend” function to reduce the amount of residue.

If there is any leftover paint like this even after expansion, let’s paint it with the pen tool!

When you’re done painting, you’re finished priming.

2) Adding the shadow

The next step is to add a shadow.
Add a new layer on top of the base layer.
Click on Clipping.

Clipping is very useful.
It does not jut out.

We will paint the shadows with a darker color than the one we used for the primer.
When painting shadows, we need to be aware of the light.
To do this, you need to think of where the light source comes from before painting the shadow.
If you are a beginner, it is easier to draw the light source from the side of the object rather than the front.

After deciding on the light source, paint the shadow roughly.

3) Blending the shadows

To blend the shadows, we’ll use the Airbrush.
You can find the airbrush in the brush menu.

The size of the Airbrush is about the size of your head.
You can use the same color as before.
Keep the light source in mind and paint in a gradation.

After blending the shadows, Airbrush the head like an angel’s halo.

4) Highlights

Next, we will draw the highlights in white.
Add a new layer.
You don’t need to do any clipping.
If it is clipped, remove it.
While minding the light, draw a highlight on the angel’s halo area where we just added color.

You can now draw the highlights.

5) Blending the highlights

The next step is to blend the highlights.
Add a new layer on top of the layer where the highlight was drawn, and clip it.

Use the same color as the base coat and blend it in with the airbrush.
Use the same color as the undercoat and blend it in with the airbrush to create a gradation that becomes lighter towards the light.

Highlighting is complete!

I could finish here, but I’ll show you a technique to increase the transparency.
I think this is a technique used by many painters.

6) Make the bangs transparent

Airbrush the bangs that hang over the forehead with the same color as the skin to give them a translucent look.

7) Reflected light

The next technique is to add reflected light around the neck.
We will use a cold color such as blue.


How was it?
This article is a gateway painting hairs in easier ways.
Please try them!