In this article, I’ll show you how to paint a city pop style motif, following the city pop style article [Part 1] How to paint like a city pop style illustration.
I basically use a lot of solid colors painting and sometimes a little gradation.
I’ll explain the parts divided into foreground, middle ground, and far ground.

1) Foreground

Paint the desk, lemon, cassette, and juice in the glass with solid colors.

The juice in the glass will be in a gradation.
It is helpful to add a layer and do it after clipping.

The lemon was also airbrushed to create a gradation.

After the gradient, we will add highlights.

Shadows are added to the foreground, cassette and glass.

Shadows are also in gradation.


2) Middle Ground

Paint the palm tree in solid colors.

Add a layer and draw the shadow by clipping.


3) Background

The rest of the painting is done in solid colors, using colors that are compatible with the ones used in the foreground and middle ground.
I also added waves to the ocean and shadows to the clouds.


4) Ribbons & Circles

We will paint colors that were not used such as red, yellow, and light blue.


5) Shadow outline

The last step is to draw the outline of the shadow with a pen that is thinner than the previous line drawings.
We will draw the outline into the shadows of the clouds, the glass, and the cassette tape.

It’s complete.
Please try it out!