In this article, I’ll show you how to draw a city pop style girl with key points.

The first step to take is to draw a rough sketch of the character.
You can also decide on the pose and other details at this stage.

Once the rough body is done, draw the rough sketches for each body part.



(1) Hairstyle

Let’s draw the hairstyle.
The most important point in drawing a city pop style girl is said to be her frontal hair or bangs.
The trick is to “show” her bangs up front.

Draw the entire hair while keeping in mind to emphasize her front hair.

It’s also a good idea to draw her hair in reference to the hairstyles that were popular in the 80s.
The wavy hair will fit in with the city pop style.


2) Eyebrows

Now let’s draw the face.
A good point to be keep in mind is the thickness of the eyebrows.
They say the thicker the eyebrows, the more girly and city pop style it will be.

I drew thick eyebrows and the face.


③ Headband、Sunglasses

I recommend drawing city pop clothes like a headband and sunglasses.
Let’s start drawing.


④ Clothes

High waist clothes will fit well in this illustration.
I will draw her upper clothes to tucked inside her high-waist pants.

And that completes the rough draft.


⑤ Line drawing

The next step is line drawing.
We will do the line drawing while relying on the rough sketch.
The trick is to draw lines on the ridges where the shadows will be painted.


⑥ Clothesline

The next step is to add color.
There are many coloring patterns for city pop style girls, but pink skins fits well here.

I’m going to paint the other parts in rough solid colors.
It’s best to paint each parts with colors of uniform saturation throughout.


⑦ Highlight

Add highlights to her hair and sunglasses.
You can add large highlights, or small, thin highlights so they can fit well.


⑧ Shadow

Unlike basic painting in anime form, you don’t have to match the shadow’s color to the paint’s color, and it is recommended to decide the shade of the shadow depending on the color of reflected light, such as blue shadows on a red background.
Here I painted it in purple.

Draw the background and it’s complete!

How was it? Please give it a try!