Installing MediBang Paint

Installing the MediBang Paint software is the first step to using it. If you have already installed the software, then skip this tutorial and proceed to the next one.

Downloading MediBang Paint

To download MediBang Paint to your computer, select the correct software for your computer from the download page . MediBang Paint is available for both Mac and Windows computers.

Installing MediBang Paint

After downloading the installer, open it to begin installing the software. The installation method is different depending on the operating software, Windows or Mac , so please ensure that you install the correct version.

MediBang Paint for Windows

Double click on the downloaded installer file (MediBangPaintProSetup-xx.x-64bit.exe).

Windows version installer
Fig. Windows version installer

Follow the wizard to proceed with the installation.

Installation complete screen
Fig. Installation complete screen

The installation is finished when this window appears.

MediBang Paint for Mac

Double-click the downloaded dmg file (MediBangPaintPro-xx.x.dmg) to open it.

dmg file
Fig. dmg file

Drag and drop the MediBang Paint icon to the Applications folder to complete the installation.

Drag and drop MediBangPaintPro icon onto Applications
Fig. Drag and drop MediBangPaintPro icon onto Applications