This time we will teach you how to draw things in neon easily.

First, draw the letters or illustrations that you want to be in neon.

Merge all layers you drew on into a single layer.
If you used any text tools, convert it to a color layer first and then merge.

Copy the original draft.

Protect transparency of the copied layer (Copy 1) and fill it with white, then set the layer blending to “Lighten”.

Set “Gaussian blur” in the “Filters” tab of the original draft.

The recommended values are between 15-20.
In this example, I used a value of 20.3

To increase the neon effect, copy the blurred original draft (Copy 2).

Set “Gaussian blur” with a value of 1 on Copy 1, and we’re done.

To make the neon stronger, make more copies of Copy 1(Copy 3) and put it in between the original draft and Copy 2 with a Gaussian blur of 5.

Other than that, you can also use it together with the shape brush to create a billboard background, or adjust the opacity to draw a penlight, logo, or background.

Neon can be used to depict billboard backgrounds, idol fan props, and other things which require the luminescent effect.
It’s a very convenient effect to use, so please do try it out for yourself.