In this article, I’d like to share with you how to paint metal objects such as accessories and armor.
So, we’ll show you how to paint the metal in a way that is easy to do.

We’ll show you how to paint on the metal;

How to paint on metal

1. Take shape

The first thing I did was to take the silhouette of the metal I wanted to draw.
In this case, I drew a ring shape.

Once you get the shape, paint the base gray.
You can use a bucket to paint the gray easily, so use a bucket to paint it.

2. Shading

Next, we’ll add a shadow.

I will put the shadow in a color a little darker than the base.
If you paint it, blur the part that will be the boundary of the base and the shadow.
I used the Pen Tool’s Blur or Airbrush to blur the area.


3. Add an even darker shadow color

Next, we will add a dark shadow.

Add a darker gray than the color you just added.
Blur the borders.


4. Highlighting

After adding shadows, we’ll add highlights next.

The highlights will be drawn using white color.
The highlights will also blur the areas that will be the boundaries.
Once you’ve drawn the highlights, you’re done!



The key to painting metal is to draw a strong contrast between light and shadow.
If you are aware of this, I think you will be able to draw it easily.
Please try it out if you like.