Wearing glasses can change the atmosphere of a character, right?
In this article, we’ll show you how to draw a character wearing glasses.

When drawing glasses, the key points are the position of the glasses and the expression of the lenses.
Let’s take a look at the making of glasses, paying attention to these two points.


1. Determine the position and draw the glasses


1-1. Take a bite

It is difficult to draw the glasses straight away, so the first thing to do is to make a bite of where to draw the glasses.

The first thing to do is to draw the bite of the glasses.

First, create a new layer and draw a rectangle with the shape tool.

Next, let’s adjust the depth and shape with the “Free Transform Tool” in the Scaling tool.


1-2. Make a draft

After making a rough sketch, you can start drafting.

The draft will be drawn on a new layer separate from the Atari.

The lens should be placed where the pupil (the red part in the picture above) is in the middle when viewed from the front.

If you draw the nosepiece first, it will be easier to get a sense of the distance between the lens and the pupil, so we will draw the nosepiece first and then the lens shape.


1-3. Draw the lines

Once the draft is done, it’s time to make a clean drawing.

First, lower the “Opacity” of the layer where you drew the draft.

Next, create a new layer and draw the lines for the glasses.

Here, the drawing is done freehand, but for a sharper look, we recommend using a straight line tool.

If you use the straight line tool with the edge pen brush selected, you can easily draw the edge of the glasses straight.
If you want to make the inside of the edge pen transparent and draw only lines, create an 8-bit layer and draw on it.
If you want to make the inside of the pen transparent and just draw the lines, create an 8-bit layer and draw on it. Paint the color on another color layer.


1-4. Paint colors and add shadows and light

Once the lines are drawn, it is time to paint the color of the glasses.

After painting the base color of the glasses, draw in shadows and light to make it look three-dimensional.


2. Representation of the lens

If you draw the edge of the glasses, they will look like glasses by themselves.
However, if you only draw the edge, it may look as if there is no lens. ……

In such a case, drawing the light reflected in the lens will make it look more like glasses.

2-1. Draw the reflection of lights and sky

There is a way to draw light such as lighting as an expression of the lens.

In this case, I tried to draw an image of light from indoor lighting being reflected in the picture.

First, draw the reflections on a new layer with a pen or airbrush.
In this case, I chose the color white and drew it on the upper part of the lens because I wanted the image to be a reflection of the fluorescent light.

You can change the color and location of the reflection depending on what is being reflected, for example, if the reflection is from a computer, you can draw a bluish light at the bottom of the lens.

After drawing the reflection, set the layer to “Overlay” and adjust the color depth with “Opacity”.
This completes the representation of the reflection.


2-2. Draw light on the edge of the lens

In addition to the reflection, you can also draw light on the edge of the lens.

Here, draw a white line on a new layer with a pen or airbrush and set the layer to “Add (Luminous)”.

Then adjust the light with opacity and you are done.


2-3. Expressing contour distortion

One way to express the lens of glasses is to draw the distortion of the outline.

In this case, the distortion is expressed by adjusting the part of the hair that is inside the glasses slightly inward.

In this example, all three methods of lens expression are used, but it is possible to express lenses using only one method.
By all means, try drawing a lens using the method that suits you best!


3. If you shift the position of the glasses a little ……

When you have finished drawing the glasses, draw the shadow of the glasses to complete the picture.

If you lower the top edge of the glasses down to the eyeline, the glasses will shift a little, giving a rougher look.

If you want to shift the glasses further down, the lenses will be tilted more forward, so adjust the overall shape to match the angle.

The shape and color of the glasses, as well as the way they are worn, can greatly change the impression of the character.
Please try drawing glasses in various ways.