In this article, I’ll show you how to draw various kinds of candy in a deformed style.
It can be used to illustrate events such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day, so please refer to it.


Candy wrapping


Draw the circle first, then draw one side of the ribbon.
It is difficult to draw symmetrically, so after drawing one ribbon, use the lasso tool to select a range, and after copying, flip it left and right and move it to the other side.

Clear Draft

Lower the opacity of the draft, create a new layer and draw a rough circle.
Use a mesh transform to shape it into a nice circle.


Draw one of the ribbons on a new layer, copy it just like the draft, flip it left and right, and move it to the other side.


Apply the color.
Paint the entire image with the base color.
Create a new layer, clipping to the base color layer.
Use a thick brush to draw a lazy line to form a stripe.


Change the color of the lines and you are done.
Let’s try to draw various patterns.





Draw a circle, then draw a rectangle on top of it with the sides of the circle sticking out a little.
Draw a bar at the bottom.


Clear Writing

Draw the outer frame and draw the bars.


Fill in the colors, change the color of the lines, and you’re done.


Peropera Candy



Draw the whirlpool.
It is difficult to draw it neatly in one stroke, so start from the center and draw it little by little.
The end of the roll should be at the bottom.
If the image is distorted, select the area and use free transform or mesh transform to adjust it.


Draw a pattern inside the spiral and draw a bar at the bottom.


Clear writing

As in the rough draft, draw the Uzumaki, adjusting the distorted parts with the transform function.


Create a new layer under the layer where you drew the spiral, draw the pattern, and draw the bars.


Fill in the colors and repaint the line drawing to complete the project.