I can’t log in to the application.

There are 2 possible causes as to why you can’t log in. 

You entered an incorrect password

Please check that you have entered your password correctly and without case errors. If the problem still persists, try resetting your password.

To reset your password, click here.

Enter the email registered to your MediBang account, fill out the Captcha, and click the Send button. An email with the URL to the password reset page will be sent to the email address you entered.Visit the link and you can enter a new password to use with your account.

You entered an incorrect email address

Please check that the email address you entered as the login is correct and without any capitalization errors. For example, if the email address you used to register is “xxxxx@xxxxxx”, you won’t be able to receive the email if you enter it as “Xxxxx@xxxxxx”

If you still cannot access your account, please contact us here.