Effects used in animation and games.
There are various attributes such as fire, water, wind, and lightning.

They look cool and create an atmosphere just by being drawn in the illustrations, don’t they?

So, as part of this series, we’re going to talk about how to draw effects by dividing them into categories of attributes.
In this article, I will explain how to draw the wind effect.


How to draw the wind effect

1. Draw wind silhouettes

First, draw the wind silhouette.
Add a new layer and draw it.

For the silhouette, I will use a yellow-green color this time.
If I draw it with the intention of visualizing the flow of air, it gives it a windy feel.
If you make it pointed, you can make it look cool, like a strong wind is blowing.


2. Draw an outline

Next, we will draw the outline.
Add a new layer underneath the layer you took the silhouette on.
In this article, I drew the outline after taking the silhouette, but depending on the person, you can reverse the order of 1 and 2 and take the silhouette with a line and then fill in the color inside.
Try drawing them in the order that suits you best.

The outline is drawn in a color darker than the yellow-green color of the silhouette.
You can border the silhouette by using Expand Selection.
After making the border, clean up any areas that could not be filled in.
If you want to learn more about how to do the bordering, please refer to “Selections s extension to make it easier for you to do the fringing!


3. Shading

The next step is to add a shadow.
Add a new layer on top of the layer you drew the silhouette on, and clipping it.


I used an airbrush and blur to draw the wind shadows.
I used a slightly more saturated and darker color than the one that took the silhouette.


4. Put the color on the light areas

The next step is to add color to the light areas, where you haven’t added shadows.
Add a new layer and clipping.

I used an airbrush to put the bright yellow on it.


5. Paint the highlights

Draw the highlights.
Please add a new layer and clipping.

For the highlights, where I put yellow on earlier, I’ll use white and put it in thin and sharp.
You can add a little blur at the end to give it a more dimensional look.


6. Draw a leaf if you like

Wind effects are often used in games for characters with grass or wood attributes, and often leaves and flower petals are drawn together with them.
By drawing leaves and flower petals, it gives the impression that the wind is blowing, so I recommend this effect.
You can add more to the drawing if you like.
I will draw a leaf this time.
Please add a new layer.

I drew a variety of colorful leaves.
I added the leaves with the wind effect in mind to give it a nice look.




As you can see, you can apply it to illustrations of characters with wind or tree or grass attributes.

Drawing wind effects will make your illustrations look great, so try it!

That’s how we draw the wind effect!