I don’t have a credit card or the means to make online purchases. Is there still a way to sign up for MediBang Premium?

Even if you don’t have a credit card, it is possible to pay for MediBang Premium.

You can use Google Play Store gift cards and Apple gift cards to sign up for MediBang Premium on the Android and iOS versions of the MediBang Paint application.

Your MediBang account easily syncs across any device you own. No matter which version of the app (PC, Android, iPhone, or iPad) you sign up for MediBang Premium on, you can access Premium services on any device where you are logged in to your MediBang account on. 

Even if you sign up for the service via the App Store on your iPhone, so long as you sign in to your account on the PC version of MediBang Paint, you can use all the Premium features to your heart’s content!