What does “signed up on other platforms” mean?

“Signed up on other platforms” means that you originally signed up for MediBang Premium on a different version of the application than the one you are currently using.

For example:

  • If you signed up on the iPad app, but are using it for iPhone.
  • If you signed up on the Android version of MediBang Paint, but are now using the iPad app.
  • If you initially bought the annual subscription on our site, but are using the app for Android/iPad, etc.

Your MediBang Premium subscription allows you unlimited use of the service across unlimited devices, so there will be no problem with cross-saving. MediBang Premium is designed to make it easy for you to work at home or on the go.

And in addition, MediBang Premium20 Setsuna is a free one-week trial of MediBang Premium which starts immediately after you create a MediBang account.
The same”signed up on other platforms” message will appear for Setsuna, but please rest assured that you will not be automatically upgraded to a paid plan once the trial is over.

Thank you as always for supporting MediBang Paint.