What is “MediBang Premium20 Setsuna”?

MediBang Premium20 Setsuna is a special promotional plan for new users of MediBang. Upon creating an account for MediBang, we’ll give you a 1 week free trial of MediBang subscription features.

Setsuna is a Japanese word that loosely translates to “a moment.”

Some of the features available with MediBang Premium20 Setsuna are as follows

  • No more in-app ads.
  • Unlimited use of normally paid cloud brushes.
  • Cloud storage upgrade from 3GB to 20GB, or more

Please visit this link to see all the features available with the plan.

The plan will be activated after registering your account, however there are no automatic renewals or charges that will be incurred as a result of Setsuna, so you can enjoy the trial with no worries.