When looking at an illustration with a girl in the main spotlight, the first thing most people examine is her face. Rather, an overall appeal of an illustration is greatly enhanced and immediately recognizable as a cute picture, just by drawing a cute female face. Today, I’ll show you how to draw a cute face easily, even for beginners.

1. How to balance each part

An illustration of a girl’s face that catches most people’s reaction as “CUTE!” is usually drawn with a round outline. Usually the girl’s forehead is wide and the eyes are slightly below the center of the face.
In fact, just by adjusting the balance of the face parts, many people will see the girl’s face as “younger”.

Let’s draw a girl’s face facing forward, starting with a circle, and see how to balance the face parts to create her cuteness.
It doesn’t have to be an exact circle, but you do want to draw it nicely.
If you find yourself drawing an oval when you use the shape brush tool, use the fill tool and select tool to draw a nice circle.

First, we will draw a crosshair.
Since it’s facing forward, we can just quarter it normally.
As I said before, a cute face has all the face parts below the center, so let’s determine the rough height of each part.

Point 1 : Cute face is round! And the five organs should be below the center!
①Draw a circle and divide it into four equal parts.
②Divide the lower half of the circle into four equal parts, which will be the reference lines for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

A cute face is characterized by plump cheeks, so be proactive in making them rounder.
Also, the nose should not be emphasized too much to make the face look young, so draw it with dots here.
The position of the nose depends on personal preference, but I prefer it slightly higher, so raise it to the top of the reference line.

Point 2 : Draw the contour of the face with roundness in mind! Draw the nose with dots!
③Draw your forehead and gills with smooth lines. Draw your forehead and chin in smooth lines. The key is to make them round, like arrows!
④Draw the nose high and with a small dot to make it look younger, so draw the nose slightly above the reference line!

Next, let’s draw the eyes.
There are many shapes for eyes, but round eyes are more cute.
To make them look young, the distance between the eyes should be at least one more eye.
A little more distance between the eyes will emphasize the childishness of the face, so adjust the distance according to your own preference.

The mouth is another important part of the face after the eyes.
As with the emoticons (‘_’)(‘ω’)(‘Д’), illustrations can be used to create a variety of expressions by simply changing the shape of the mouth.
By raising the position of the mouth, you can create a highly excited and emotional expression, which is naturally cute.
The ears are often hidden from view, but don’t forget to draw them in.

MEMO : Make the pupil (the blackest part of the black eye) bigger for a softer look!
⑤Draw the eyes in a round shape, leaving at least one eye’s distance between each eye. Center the reference line. The center of the eyes should be at the center of the reference line, or slightly below it.
⑥Draw the mouth so that its center is above the reference line. When viewed from the front, the ears are right next to the eyes.

Let’s add eyebrows and hair.
Personally, I think the fluffier the hair, the more girly it looks, so I draw it in smooth lines, keeping in mind its roundness.
It’s especially important to get the flow of the hair.
As an image, you can think of the shape of a banana.

⑦Let’s make the hair grow from the top of the circle.
The fluffy hair is thick, so let’s draw it with that in mind.

It’s finished!

⑧Erase the hidden lines and you’re done!

In order to draw a girl’s face in a cute way
1) Emphasize roundness.
2) Draw each part below the center of the face.
These two things are especially important.
By moving the first crosshairs up, down, left and right, you can draw the face in various directions.
In the next section, I’ll explain another important point – facial expressions.


2. Emphasize facial expressions

A girl with a lot of facial expressions that show her joy, anger, sadness, and sorrow is very cute, isn’t she?
Here are a few techniques I often use to create cute facial expressions.

・Upward glance
Let’s draw cheeks with an awareness of roundness.

・Embarrassment/ Anger
Just by changing the shape of the eyebrows, you can draw a much more lively expression.
When you are embarrassed, angry, crying, or when your eyes open less, draw them at an angle to make them look cuter.

・Open your mouth and smile
The mouth is also a very important part of her face for making expressions, so be conscious of its roundness.

・Troubled face
When the face is angled, the eyes should also match the angle to emphasize her depth and cuteness.

3. Summary

I’ve introduced how to make a girl cute by balancing the parts of her face and applying facial expressions.
What did you think?
Everyone perceives cuteness in a different way, so I’d be happy if you could use the information I’ve presented here to create your own style of cuteness.
I hope you’ll try to draw a cute face of your own choice!

(Text and pictures by Depe)
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