MediBang Pro



Level Up Your Art



MediBang Pro’s straightforward and intuitive controls are easy for beginners and pros alike.

Move the canvas around, undo and redo, and access helpful tools.

Finger Mode

While MediBang Pro’s team recommends that you use Apple Pencil for the best effect, you can still create beautiful works with just a fingertip by switching on Finger Mode in Pen Pressure Settings

Pinch Zoom

Using two fingers, pinch to zoom the canvas in and out so you never miss the big picture while also working on finer details.

Pinch your fingers together to zoom out, and apart to zoom in.

Multi-Gesture Settings

Undo: Two-finger Tap

Undo one (or more!) of your recent actions on the canvas.

Tap the canvas with two fingers to undo your last action

Redo: Three-finger Tap

If you decide you actually want to keep an action you previously undid, not to worry- that’s what Redo is for.

Just tap the canvas with three fingers!

Rotate: Two-finger twist

Twist your fingers in a circle while pinching the canvas to rotate and comfortably draw from different angles.

Auto-select: One-finger Tap

With one tap of the finger, you can automatically specify a selection using either “Canvas” or “Layer” as a reference.

Eyedropper: Long Press

Hold your finger down to access the eyedropper tool and pick colors from the canvas you’re working on, or the layer if you want to be more specific.

Straight Line: One-finger Long Press

Hold one finger down to create a straight line on your canvas.

Long Press Time

Adjust how long you want pressing a finger to take to activate the function.