MediBang Pro



Level Up Your Art


Auto Selection

Select areas of similar color automatically with a single touch.

Using Auto Selection

Click the selection tool in the upper left hand corner and six selection types will come up. The Auto Selection tool is represented by a magic wand icon in the upper left hand corner of the menu.

After selecting the tool, tap the part of your canvas that you wish to highlight.

Selection Settings

Auto Select

This drop down menu allows you to change the basic auto select tool to selecting by brightness or by opacity.

Select Target

This drop down menu allows you to control the target of automatic selection. When Layer is selected, only items on that layer will be selected. When Canvas is selected, the Auto Selection tool takes the content of all layers into consideration when making the selection.


Toggling Anti-aliasing on or off to control what level of smoothing you want for resized areas.

Close Gap

This slider allows you to fill in gaps in the selected area, perfect for selecting textured line art or painted areas.


The scaling option allows you to resize the selection.

Selection Border

Tapping this allows you to add a border to the selected area. From the drop-down menu you can select the border to be On Line, Inside, or Outside.


Tapping this inverts the selected area.

Copy and Paste

Tapping this copies and pastes the selected area to a new layer.

Release Selection

Tapping this resets the selected area.