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File Types

MediBang Pro supports MDP (MediBang Pro’s native file format), PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD, TIF, and WEBP for importing and exporting.


MediBang Pro’s native file format. It can save text information and layer information, but cannot be uploaded anywhere as an image file.

These files run the smoothest in MediBang Pro and are easiest to share with other MediBang Pro artists.


PNG file sizes are small and are the only kind of file that can preserve a transparent background when saved. This format is most often recommended for when you wish to post your work online.


JPEG file sizes are also small and are susceptible to image deterioration due to compression settings. This type of file cannot preserve transparent backgrounds or layer information.


Bitmap files are uncompressed and can be repeatedly saved without deteriorating quality at the cost of taking up more storage space. This type of file cannot preserve layer information.


PSD files are native to Adobe® Photoshop® . This file type can preserve text and layer information, but not features specific to MediBang Pro.


TIFF formatted files can be compressed without compromising image quality. They are popular with graphic designers and photographers due to this quality, however due to their lossless nature, this file type is larger than most.


WebP files were developed by Google to make images uploaded online less bulky in file size. They can affect the quality of high resolution images due to their compact formatting and are not recommended for print use.


GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. It’s a type of image format that can be used to make basic animations by combining multiple images or frames together. GIFs can hold up to 256 different colors in each image, and each pixel can have 8 bits of information.