MediBang Pro




Whether you want to soften your image, add a sense of movement, or create a flashing light, MediBang Pro has the blur filter for you.

Gaussian Blur

Gaussian Blur smoothes the active layer to soften an image, creating an almost “out of focus” effect.

Tap Filter>Gaussian Blur to open the interface.

You can slide left to right to strengthen the Gaussian Blur effect on a scale of 1 to 64.

The automatic setting for Gaussian Blur will be at 16, and you can drag to adjust as you want.

Motion Blur

Motion Blur creates an illusion of motion by streaking your active layer to make a blurring effect.

There are two bars you can control your motion blur effect with, the Rotate Angle and Intensity.

The Rotate Angle controls the direction the blur will be coming from, and the intensity controls the strength of the blurring effect.

For example, if you set your Rotate Angle to -90 and the Intensity to 200, you will create a very frenetic vertical motion blur.

Lens Blur

To put it simply, the Lens Blur function imitates the effect of a digital camera blurring a photo by emphasizing light while blurring the image.

There are two bars you can control your lens blur effect with, Radius and Brightness.

The Radius controls the intensity of the blurring effect, and the brightness controls the intensity of light in the image.

Lens Blur is especially great for highlighting circular-shaped lighting such as reflections on water and street lights, a great way to add drama to the piece.