MediBang Pro



Level Up Your Art



Import images, add text, use the iPad clipboard, and more to place whatever you need on your MediBang Pro canvas.


You can access the cut/copy/paste features from either the Action menu under Options, or set them as functions on your shortcut menu.


There are several ways to add an image to your MediBang Pro canvas.

Add Image

From the option menu, tap Action and then Insert Photo.

This will open the Photos app. You can then scroll through your albums to find previously taken photos to add to the canvas.

You can insert a JPEG or PNG image this way.


From the option menu, tap Action and then Photograph to take a photo with the iPad’s built-in camera. You will need to ensure that you have granted MediBang Pro permission to access the camera. Upon taking the photo, it will appear in the open canvas.

Add from Clipboard

From the option menu, tap Action and then Add from Clipboard to add an image that you copied from your iPad’s clipboard to the canvas.