MediBang Pro



Level Up Your Art


Organizing Layers

With just a touch or swipe of a finger you can control your layers to better make the art you want to see.

Quick Selection Menu

Bottom Symbols Left to Right:

1. Alpha Lock

2. Lock

3. Create Folder

4. Duplicate Layer

5. Delete Layer


Move multiple layers in unison, group layers, delete, and transform. Finely control your work via selection.

Active Layer

When you open the Layers panel, you can tap whichever layer you want to turn it into your active layer.

You can only have one active layer at a time, and any drawing you do will be reflected on this layer.

Secondary Layer

By using the Select button and tapping on another Layer, you can turn it into your secondary layer.

Layer Folders

Keep your layers organized and easy to navigate.

Create Folder

Tap “Select” on the Layers Panel. Then select the target layers, and tap the folder symbol (4) to create your group.


Tap and hold a layer or Layer Group to select, and drag it up or down in the Layer Panel before releasing it to set a new ordering.

Lock, Duplicate, and Delete

Protect your work from unwanted or accidental edits with Lock. Clone your existing layers with Duplicate.

Then, get rid of any layer you no longer want with Delete. All you have to do is swipe right-to-left on any Layer Group to reveal these three functions.

Alpha Lock

The Alpha Lock function in MediBang Pro allows you to lock the transparency of a layer so when active, only the “paint” that has been laid down on the layer can be edited.


The lock function keeps you from accidentally marking or editing a layer you no longer want any changes to.After locking a layer, a padlock symbol appears next to the layer name.

To unlock the layer, simply tap the icon again.


Duplicate your layers to experiment with your art without committing to any major changes.


Deleting a layer removes the layer from your canvas, and can be undone so long as you do not exit out of the canvas.