MediBang Pro



Level Up Your Art


Color Window

MediBang Pro’s color wheel is the most precise way to choose the best colors for your piece.

Choosing Your Colors

First, check the top right hand side of the menu to find Active Color. One tap will open the Color Window, and by default you will see the Color Wheel as a color picking option.

Hue Ring and Saturation Window

MediBang Pro’s Color Wheel is a combination of an outer Hue ring and the inner Saturation window.

The two transparent circles are known as reticles that can be dragged around to select colors. The reticle on the outer ring changes the hue of the color, and the reticle on the inner square can be dragged to change saturation and value.

Primary and Secondary Colors

In the top right corner the two colored circles display the primary color (L) and the secondary color (R) which can be used in brushes with color dynamics as an option to let the brush shift between the primary and secondary colors.

After picking your ideal color combination, just tap outside the Color Window to close it.

Transparent Color

Select the small grey and white checkered circle to change your brush’s status to transparent. This effectively turns any of Medibang Pro’s brushes into an eraser.

Hue, Saturation, Brightness

These three bars are another great way to color pick. Hue changes the color, Saturation changes the strength of a color, and Brightness changes how light or dark the color is. Slide the bars around to achieve the color effect you want.

Hexadecimal Colors

Hexadecimal Colors are six-character codes that correspond to specific RGB colors. You’ll see them often in the programming and web design world.

If you have hexadecimal code in mind, just type it into the box above the HSV bar and the colors will adjust the match.