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Comic Frame

MediBang Inc started making our art software almost a decade ago by consulting with professional Japanese manga artists. Making comic-making easy as can be for our users has always been important to us, clearly.

MediBang Pro has one of the easiest to use comic-making tools you could ask for, the Comic Frame tool.

You can find it under the Objects menu.

Comic Frame Settings

Use the settings below to get started on making your comic.

Panel Stroke Width

This slider controls the width of the paneling lines. The higher the number, the thicker the line.


Toggling “Title” on will make a panel at the top of the canvas for you to place the comic title in.

Apply Foreground Color

Toggling “Apply Foreground Color” on will color the comic frames, which are normally black by default.

Vertical/Horizontal Slices

The higher the number on the sliders, the more panels there will be on the same canvas.

Top/Bottom Margin

This slider controls the margins for the top and bottom of the canvas. The higher the number, the bigger the margin.

Left/Right Margin

This slider controls the margins for the left and right of the canvas. The higher the number, the bigger the margin.

After you select, +Create, your canvas will look like the above image. The different Comic Frame menu will allow you to continue editing this panel.

By using your stylus, you can slice and dice the frame to create different, interestingly shaped panels. See below.

You can toggle Perpendicular to make your lines snap to a 90 degree angle. The Vertical and Horizontal spacing will also control the width of the space between the frames.

To edit the existing panels, simply tap on one with your stylus to bring up the Properties and Segment controls.

If you would rather divide comic panels using the segment tool as opposed to the brush tool, simply adjust the numbers of the slices and margins before clicking the “Divide” button.  The result will be similar as seen below.

Enjoy making comics!