MediBang Pro



Level Up Your Art



Adjust MediBang Pro to be the creator’s app that suits your needs. The Options Menu allows you to change the app to streamline your workflow. Insert photos and text, change the canvas settings, change up the interface, and anything else you may need.

The Options Menu

This gives you total control over the canvas, access to tool settings, interface appearances, and more.

In the top left bar you will see a gear symbol, which will grand you access to the Action Menu.

Tap to open.

Menu Sidebar

The sidebar of the Options Menu contains five different sections. Tap to access the different sections and read further for a summary of what each one contains.

1. Action

Spice up your work from the outside.

Cut, Copy, Paste, add an image to the canvas, take a photograph, or add from your clipboard.

Learn more here.

2. Canvas

Everything you need to edit the canvas in one convenient bar.

Resize, Crop, or Flip your canvas, change the canvas size, change the guideline settings, and show or hide the grid.

Learn more here.

3. Export

Export your art in a variety of file formats.

Export your work as the native MediBang Pro file type .mdp, a JPEG, a layers-intact Adobe® Photoshop® PSD, a PNG (with transparency options),  TIFF, WEBP, BMP, or even a GIF.

Learn more here.

4. Settings

Customize the app’s interface and controls.

Control the shortcut settings, stylus positioning, pen pressure settings, brush cursor, brush anti-aliasing, the reference window, customize the multi-gesture settings, change the opacity of the interface, adjust the brush stabilization, and switch to left-handed mode.

Learn more here.

5. Help

Find a link to this User Guide.