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Shape Selection

For when you need a simple kind of selection, MediBang Pro has you covered.

Shape Selections

Click the selection tool in the upper left hand corner and six selection types will come up.

MediBang Pro’s Shape Selection tool comes in three varieties: rectangular, ellipse, and polygonal.

Tap the corresponding shape icons with your finger or Apple Pencil to use the tools.

The Three Shape Tools

Rectangular Selection Tool

This tool allows you to create selections in the shape of rectangles or squares. You can adjust the size and position of the rectangle to select specific areas of your artwork.

Elliptical Selection Tool

Similar to the rectangular tool, the elliptical selection tool enables you to create selections in the shape of ellipses or circles. You can modify the size and position of the ellipse to make precise selections.

Polygonal Lasso Selection Tool

The Polygonal Lasso tool lets you create selections using straight-line segments. You click to create anchor points, and the tool connects these points with straight lines, allowing you to create selections with angular edges. This tool is especially useful for selecting areas with defined edges and sharp angles.

Selection Settings

Keep Aspect Ratio

When toggled on, if you resize a selection, either by dragging the selection nodes or by entering specific dimensions, the software automatically adjusts the other dimension to maintain the original proportions of the selection. This is particularly useful when you want to resize a selection without distorting its shape.


Toggling Anti-aliasing on or off to control what level of smoothing you want for resized areas.

Draw From Center

When toggled on, clicking and dragging to create a selection will originate from the center of the selection area. This can be helpful when you want to select a symmetrical area or precisely position a selection around a specific central point in your artwork.

Round corners

This slider controls how round the corners of the selected area will be once determined. The higher the number on the slider, the rounder the corners.


The scaling option allows you to resize the selection.

Selection Border

Tapping this allows you to add a border to the selected area. From the drop-down menu you can select the border to be On Line, Inside, or Outside.


Tapping this inverts the selected area.

Copy and Paste

Tapping this copies and pastes the selected area to a new layer.

Release Selection

Tapping this resets the selected area.