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Ver. 1.2.0 Notice About Changing Specs

Thank you so much for using and supporting MediBang Pro since its release.

As of MediBang Pro Version 1.2.0, our team has decided to make some changes to some specifications in order to grant a wider range of users an easier way to enjoy using our service.

The “paid app with a free trial built in” model that we have offered from the release up until now will be changing to the specifications as written below. 

・The Model Before Version 1.2.0
After the 30 day free trial period ends, to continue using MediBang Pro users must pay for a permanent license.

・The Model After Version 1.2.0
After the 30 day free trial period ends, to continue using MediBang Pro users can either pay for a permanent license OR continue using the app for free with a daily time limit.

With this change, MediBang Pro users whose trial period has already expired can now continue trying out MediBang Pro’s new features at any time.

Thank you for your continued support of MediBang Pro.

*This change will NOT affect any users who have already purchased a perpetual MediBang Pro license.

  • Regarding the Time Limit
    • ・Users whose 30 day free trial period has ended can now continue using the app for free for 1 hour per day.
    • ・When free users reach the time limit, they will only be allowed to use the “Save” function within the canvas.
    • ・The time limit will reset every day at 00:00 AM. When the date changes, users will once again receive another hour of access to MediBang Pro’s features.
    • ・The only limitation in the free version MediBang Pro will be time. During the 1 hour of free MediBang Pro, all tools, brushes, and other features will be totally unrestricted.
    • ・There will be NO ADS shown on screen at all, even when using the free time-limited version of MediBang Pro.
    • ・There will be no changes to the offline usage of MediBang Pro. Users without access to the internet can continue to enjoy using the app. (*Note that fonts in the Text Tool do require internet access to download).
  • Regarding Purchasing the Paid License
    • ・After purchasing a MediBang Pro license, the time limitation will be completely removed and users can use MediBang Pro any time for as much as they want 24/7.
    • ・We are not changing the model of the app license. The MediBang Pro license is still a perpetual, one-time purchase that does not require a subscription in any way. The cost will still be $10.99 for lifetime use of all features within the app.